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Purpose here is to map out the work of Ed Kaplan. Those interested in linking with this blog from other appropriate sites should contact the poet at edpicasso@yahoo.com. Actual poems, letters, writings will follow. A checklist of writings follows, including information on collected correspondence.

Monday, December 25, 2006

In the other world as Executive Director of Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia 2007

Books and other separate publications

A1 - Alvin. Triton Press (Boulder Creek, CA) 1974. 150 copies. Photograph of EK by Ned O'Malia.
A2 - Hard Acts. Triton Press. 1976. 150 copies. Introduction by Dan Shea.
A3 - Sweet Poems. Triton Press. 1976. 60 copies.
A4 - Book of Ghosts,. Triton Press. 1976. 100 copies. Diagrams, illustrations and photograph by EK.
A5 - Baja. Fleetwood Art Studio (Madison, WI). 1976. 200 copies.
A6 - Pancratium. Swamp Press (Oneonta, NY) 1978. Handset, letterpress printed and bound by Ed Raher and Jo Mish. Hardcover, signed, 60 copies, on Chaulke Heavy with Kinnerly type. Softcovers on Ingres Antique Earth and Black papers. 100 copies. Illustrated by John Vlakos.
A7 - Since We Live Here Now. [postcard] Basilisk Press (NYC) 1978.
A8 - Arctos. [broadside] Hankshaw Press (Verona, NJ) 1978. "Issued on the occasion of his reading at the Willimantic Arts Center, Ziesing Brothers Book Emporium, Jule 27, 1978. 50 copies. 22.9 cm X 30.5 cm.
A9 - Zero Station. Stone Country Press (Madison, NJ) 1979. 300 copies.
A10 - Rod of Aaron. [ a foldout] Hankshaw Press. 1980. Photograph on cover designed by EK. 126 copies.
A11 - Vicariance. [broadside] Swamp Press. 1980. "Issued on the occasion of his reading at the Walt Whitman International Poetry Center, February 20, 1980." 65 copies. 38.1 cm X 25,4 cm.
A12 - Seraphics. Avalon Editions (Oxford, England). 1980. Andrew Cozens, editor. 300 copies. Cover illustration by EK.
A13 - Mechos. Glennifer Press (Scotland). 1982. 150 copies. Letterpress, cream boards, half A4, numbered, printed by hand by Ian Macdonald.
A14 - Dirt. Sapiens Press. Unknown number of copies (at least 40). Mimeographed with photocopied covers, stapled. Issue #1 and #2, 10 pages each with visuals and all material by EK.
A15 - Pancratia., Swamp Press. 1983. Hard and soft covers.
A16 - Scroll. Xerox Sutra Press (Madison, WI) 1984. "Printed as needed." Graphics collected by EK and editor Miekal And. Hard and soft covers. Drawings by Andrew Ewen.
A17 - Four Poems. Realities Library (San Jose, CA) 1985. Entire issue of "A Poet."

Poems Published in Magazines & Journals

B1 - Faces. Rising Sun Monthly (Philadelphia, PA) vol. 1 #2 June 1969.
B2 - When I was seven. Rising Sun Monthly. vol. 1 #3 July-August 1969.
B3 - Seven Feelings on Vietnam. Rising Sun Monthly. vol. 1 #3l, 1969.
B4 - Before New. Rising Sun Monthly. vol. 1 #3, 1969.
B5 - You Of. Rising Sun Monthly. vol. 2 #3, 1969.
B6 - Not Unlike Getting Old. Rising Sun Monthly. vol. 2 #4, 1969.
B7 - Something I Should Tell You. The Gwynmercian (Kingston, PA) April 1, 1971.
B8 - Track 15. (from Old Man Peak) Caesura (Philadelphia, PA) #3 Spring 1976.
B9 - Please. Poetry Forum (Tustin, CA) Summer 1976.
B10 - Peacock's Nap. Mouth of the Dragon (NYC) #9 July 1976.
B11 - To the Wind in the Pontiac. Journal of New Jersey Poets (Madison, NJ) vol. 1 #2 Fall 1976.
B12 - Pancratium of Earth Plates: Beechwood Cemetary/Massachusetts & Olson. Assembling (NYC) #7 1977; reprinted in Red Hand Book II (Atlanta, GA) December 1980.
B13 - Human Oil. Assembling. #7 1977.
B14 - She Knocks On Her Hands The Door Rivets Hold Open. Assembling. #7 1977.
B15 - Seltzer II. Assembling. #7 1977; Pinchpenny Review (Sacramento, CA) vol.3 #3 1982.
B16 - Report From The Isle. Assembling. #7 1977.
B17 - Love Ripple. Seven Stars Poetry. vol.3 #33 1977; Grub Street (Bronx, NY) #7, 1978.
B18 - What You Meant, Counts. Secen Stars Poetry. vol. 3 #33 1977; New Poetry (Australia) vol. 26 #2 September 1978.
B19 - Letter to Allen Ginsberg. Stone Country (Madison, NJ) vol. 7 #3 1977.
B20 - The Internal Tamper Koan. Samisdat (CA) vol. 14 # 4 April 1977.
B21 - Scaling October 77. Stuffed Crocodile (Ontario, Canada) vol.4 #4 October 1977.
B22 - Never Happens But In A Warp. Stufed Crocodile. vol. 4 #4 1977.
B23 - No Other Place. Stuffed Crocodile. vol. 4 #4 1977.
B24 - Comes Down To. Stuffed Crocodile. vol. 4 #4 1977.
B25 - We Our Faces From His Testimony Smudged and Accomplices After The Fact. Stuffed Crocodile. vol. 4 #4 1977; New Poetry. vol. 26 #2 1978.
B26 - The Waves Sting Each Other Like Blind Bees. Uguisu (Manchester, NH) Sun Lotus Press #1 October 1977.
B27 - Sheridan Square Poem. Mouth of the Dragon (NYC) #13 December 1977.
B28 - Arctos The Bear/She Is North. Assembling. #8 1978; O.Ars (Cambridge,MA) #3 1983.
B29 - Phonecall to Old Girlfriend Fro Highschool/Performed On the Spur & A Healthy Bet. Big Moon (Modesto, CA) vol. 3 #2 Fall 1978.
B30 - Christopher Street Poem. Fag Rag (Boston, MA) issue 21/22 March 1978.
B31 - Cosmophagy. The Giraffe (The Poetric Hardware Press, NYC) 1978.
B32 - Q. The Midatlantic Review (Baldwin Place, NY) vol. 2 #8 1978.
B33 - The Port Authority Poem. Taxi (Library Occasional Paper #6, William Carlos Williams Poretry Center of the Paterson Free Public Library) 1978.
B34 - The Reason Habits Sound Like Castanets. Ten Point Five (Eugene, OR) #6 Winter 1978.
B35 - Definition of a Small Press Hustler. Samisdat (Richford, VT) vol. 17 #1 1978.
B36 - New York Bends. Tightrope (Oneonta, NY) #6 [series of broadsides] 1978.
B37 - Poem Does In Its Honk. [visual poem] Typewriter (Iowa City, IO) #8 1978.
B38 - Radical Literature: On Transcription of Actual Species. Assembling #9 A Critical Assembling 1979.
B39 - The Same Is True. Black Box (Washington, DC) audio tape cassette #17 1979.
B40 - The Rain Poem. Black Box #17 1979.
B41 - The Least I can Do Having Just Read Nicanor Parra. Gravida (Bayville, NY) #16 1979.
B42 - On X's On Calendars. Telephone (NYC) #15 1979.
B43 - Woman With A Crow. Telephone #15 1979.
B44 - Since We Live Here Now. Telephone #15 1979.
B45 - Bone. Tightrope #9 1979.
B46 - Ground Rules. Wind Literary Journal (Pikeville, KY) vol. 9 #34 1979.
B47 - Certain Exceptions Not Withstanding. Assembling #10 1980; Adz #1 1983.
B48 - Gimme Two P's, Gimme Two E's, An O and a Y. Popeye Iron (Iron Press, Tynside, England) #27 Winter 1979-1980.
B49 - WindowRock. Red Hand Book II (Atlanta, Georgia) Special Charles Olson (anthology issue) December 1980.
B50 - For The Whole House The One Nail Holds. Sarcophagis (CA) #6 January 1980.
B51 - On the Shabbos of the Ten Days. Sarcophagus #6 1980.
B52 - First of the Spine Poems. Sarcophagus #6 1980.
B53 - Dynamite. [visual poem] Typewriter #9 1980.
B54 - Storage. [visuial poem] Typewriter #9 1980.
B55 - Truncate Satorial Partials. NRG (Portland, OR) #15 1980.
B56 - Ceremony of Happy. Shadowgraphs (Newburyport, MA) vol. 2 #2 September 1981.
B57 - The Apparent Misplacement of Specific Bravery by Popular Species Cockiness: A Concept of the Arts. Cumberland Journal (Harrisburg, PA) #12 Spring 1981.
B58 - Seedbed. Padma (Pocatello, OR) 1981.
B59 - Forward, Like in Preface. Padma 1981.
B60 - Hunter's Moon. Stone Country (Madison, NJ) vol. 9 #1/#2 [Currents in Poetry issues] Fall/Winter 1981; Jump River Review (Wausau, WI) 1982; Chandrabhaga (Orissa, India) #8 1982.
B61 - Blood the Fountain: Third Incarnation. Affinities (Texas) vol. 1 c#2 1982.
B62 - A Confusion of People Inside. Sulfur (CSA) vol. 2 #1 1982.
B63 - Sonnet for Anne Sexton. Negative Capability (Atlanta, Georgia) Spring vol. 2 #2 1982.
B64 - Skin. Blow (Florence, OR) vol. 1 #1 1982.
B65 - Politics. [visual poem] Pinchpenny Review (Sacramento, CA) vol. 3 #2 April 1982.
B66 - [two excerpts from...] Mechos. Smoke Signals (Brooklyn, NY) vol./ 2 #4 1982.
B67 - Eleven Answers to a Death Pose. Smoke Signals vol. 2 #4 [incorporated as #28 in an International Symposia on Communication] 1982.
B68 - Map of Sand. Stardancer (Brooklyn, NY) 1982.
B69 - Yamit. New Mexico Jewish Communityt Link (Alburqerque, NM) vol. 2 #6 June 1982.
B70 - Two French Poems Fucking. [visual poem] Uncle Magazine (Springfield, MI) vol. 2 #4 1982.
B71 - Undigested Skyline. [visual poem] Kaldron (Grover City, CA). Exhibited at A Hole in the Sky Gallery, Grover City, CA August-September 1982.
B72 - Bus Stop. [visual poem] The Magic Show. Exhibited in the Magic Show, on myth, magic & mystery, presented by the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, an international mail art exhibition December 19, 1982-January 21, 1983.
B73 - Peak of Darien. Alph Null (Washington, DC) #1 1983.
B74 - 7th Street Solo #66. Alph Null #1 1983.
B75 - Impossibilitus. Footwork (Paterson, NJ) 1983.
B76 - Symposium on the Body Console. Footwork 1983.
B77 - Scorn is at the Root. Footwork 1983.
B78 - Litany on 6th Avenue. Woodrose (Waupaca, WI) #5 Summer 1983.
B79 - As Love Is Having Nothing Left Over. Fag Rag #40 1983.
B80 - Vessel of Ascension. Paralaxx (New Zealand) #4 1983.
B81 - Whatever Word That Could Mean Whatever Keeps It Together In the First Place. Yellow Silk (Albany, CA) 1983.
B82 - Gorgeousity. Poetry Magazine (Portland, OR) 1983.
B83 - Power of Man. Journal of New Jersey Poets. vol. 7 #1 1983.
B84 - Recital. Salome: A Literary Dance Magzaine (Chicaho. IL) #30/31 1983.
B85 - Miracles. Smoke Signals. Fall 1983.
B86 - The Origins of Colorful Human Speech. [visual poem] International Mail-Art Network (Canada). Exhibited at the Arts, Sciences and Technology Center, Vancouver, B.C., October-December 1983.
B87 - Milk & Stars. Sapiens (Millburn, NJ) #1 1983.
B88 - Gymnopedie. Sapiens #1 1983.
B89 - Joshua. Sapiens #1 1983.
B90 - Two Kangaroo Poems. Sapiebs #1 1983.
B91 - Map to Begin With. [ visual poem] Diverse Works (Houston, TX) mail art show on the theme of maps.
B92 - Blockbusters, Demographics, Interruptions. Lost and Found Times (Columbus, OH) #16 1983.
B93 -Me. [visual poem] Lost and Found Times #16 1983.
B94 - The Turtle's Brain. Giants Play Well In the Drizzle (Brooklyn, NY) #3 1983.
B95 - (excerpt from...)The Book of Ghosts. Stardancer (Enbgland) #7 1983.
B96 -Jungle Red. Vol. No. Magazine (CA) #3 1984.
B97 - Speechless Poet Adapting to the New Age. [physical poem] Nada Farm Museum (Willits, CA) Nothing Doing Mail Art Exhibition 1983-1984: calculator guts tied with string to small hsmmer & quill pen which has amerikan flag affixed: horizontal piece with head of hammer on small pillow."
B98 - The First Love Poem. Minotaur (CA) #11 May 1984.
B99 - Angus Air. Industrial Sabotage (Canada) #29 1984.
B100 - In My Religion. NRG (Oregon) May 1984.
B101 - Turns, Like in a Screw. Atticus Review (San Diego, CA) #5 1984.
B102 - Balleteria. Salome 1984.
B103 - Proper View of Obscenity. NRG #22 1984.
B104 - Somagram on the Fetus. [visual poem] Industrial Sabotage #30 1984.
B105 - In the Middle of the Night Which Does Come. Industrial Sabotage. 1985.
B106 - As Might Be Expected Of. Loblolly (Wilson, NC) 1986.
B107 - Snag. Le Beacon Review (Seattle, WA) 1986.

Essays, Articles, Reviews & Other Contributions

C1 - Patti Smith: Waves [review] The De-evolutionary Times (Willimantic, CT) #3 July, 1979.
C2 - Punk Poem. The De-evolutionary Times #6 May 1980.
C3 - Know Fish, Vincent Ferrini. [review] Small Press Review (paradise, CA) vol. 12 #7, 1980.
C4 - The Modulators. [review] The De-evolutionary Times #8 1981.
C5 - Death of the Lyric. [article] The De-evolutionary Times #9 1981.
C6 - Illuminating the Obscure Force Behind Black Mountain. [review: A Guide to the Maximus Poems of Charles Ol;son, by George F. Butterick] Newsart (New York City) p.36 September 1981.
C7 - What Evil Lurks in Video Games. [letter] The Independent Press (Millburn, NJ) February 3, 1982.
C8 - Poetry in the Middle, Joe Napora. [review] Small Press Review vol. 14, #2, p.10 February 1982.
C9 - North by Northwest. [letter] Village Voice (NYC) p.31 March 26, 1982.
C10 - Orexis, Kenneth Irby. [review] Small Press Review vol.14, #4 1982.
C11 - How To Set Up Your Stereo For New Wave. The De-evolutionary Times #10, April 1982.
C12 - Sample Letter On Multiple Submissions. [letter] Small Press Review vol.14, #3, p.9, 1982.
C13 - Nigredi, Norman Weinstein. [review] Small Press Review vol. 15, #8 1983.
C14 - Letter to Paul Bowles. [essay] Adz (Boston, MA) #1 1983.
C15 - A Special View. [essay] Adz #1 1983.
C16 - David Antin. [review] Stony Hills #15 1983.
C17 - Painting Poetry. [review] Four Lectures, Stephen Rodofer. Occasional Review (San Jose, CA) #14 1984.
C18 - Vincent Ferrini. [excerpts from a narrative on VF at Hell's Kitchen (NYC); a review of Selected Poems and Know Fish] Menu (Grosse Poiunte Farms, MI) #1 1985.
C19 - Which Is Why Poetry Is Weightlifting. [essay] Adz #2 1985.

NOTE: "Which Is Why Poetry Is Weightlifting" is also the title of a documentary on the poet by co-writer Bonnie Gordon, 1991, now available on DVD.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Link to University of Connecticut Archives

Credits for Table of the Permanent

Some of the poems in Table of the Permanent were originally published in the following magazines & journals: Alph Null, Assembling, Atticus Review, Big Moon, BLOW, Chandrabhaga, Double Harness, Footwork, Giants Play Well in the Drizzle, Giraffe, Grub Street, LaBas, Little Apple, Fag Rag, Industrial Sabotage, Jump River Review, Journal of New Jersey Poets, Midatlantic Review, Minotaur, Mouth of the Dragon, NRG, Negative Capability, New Poetry, O.Ars, Padma, Pinchpenny Review, Parallax, Salome, Samisdat, Sapiens, Sarcophagus, Shadowgraphs, The Smith, Smoke Signals, Stardancer, Seven Stars Poetry, Stone Country, Sulfur, Taxi, Telephone, Ten Point Five, Tightrope, Vol. No. Magazine, Woodrose.

The poem "Windowrock" was originally published in the Charles Olson anthology issue of Red Hand Book II, 1980.

Some of the poems were recorded on audio tape by Black Box, Watershed Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1978.

The poem "Mechos" was originally performed at the St. Clement's Poetry Festival in Hell's Kitchen, New York City on March 23, 1981 and published as a book by Gleniffer Press, Scotland, 1982. Some of the poems were published in books: Pancratium, Swamp Press. 1978; Zero Station, Stone Country Press, 1980; Seraphics, Avalon Editions, London, 1980.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

George F. Butterick/Ed Kaplan Correspondence

Over 600 pages of letters between George F. Butterick, curator of the Charles Olson Archives in the 70's and 80's, at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, are archived. This collection includes an introductory historical perspective by Vincent Ferrini. The letters cover topical poetics as two poets, two fathers, two lovers of Olson, as they connected from 1976 through 1984. Ed Kaplan read at Ziesing Brother's Book Emporium in 1977 in Willimantic CT and slept in the Altnaveigh Hotel, room #3, where Olson lay his corpus, overhanging the bed. A broadside was published to mark the poetry reading at Ziesing Brother's - George introduced. Refer to Checklist of Writings.

Archives & Special Collections
405 Babbidge Rd.
Unit 1205
Storrs CT 06269

Vincent Ferrini Link/Archives

All of the correspondence, hundreds of items, including letters, poems, shouts & hollers, love makings, pictures, introductions to poetry readings, histories, are archived and catalogued at:

Cape Ann Historical Association
27 Pleasant Street
Gloucester MA 01930